Thank you for your interest in the Evil Iron Brewer organized by Bloatarian Brewing League, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Thanks and Good Luck To All Who Entered the Evil Iron Brewer!

There are 44 registered entries and 43 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

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Announcing – the

Evil Iron Brewer Competition

Sponsored by the BBL and Listermann Brewing


Because – I am evil and it is fun.

The purpose of this competition is to foster creativity in brewing and challenge ourselves to do something different/learn (not just because I am evil...).


The Basics:

Entrants must enter and specify their yeast by November 24.  After this date – no changes in the yeast may be made.


The grain bill & special ingredient will be revealed at Listermann Brewing Company on Black Friday (11/25).  For those who can’t be at the reveal, the information will be forwarded via email later that day.


The judging date will be available on Black Friday.  It will occur in April or May 2017.  This will be BJCP registered, and BJCP points will be awarded.  The judging date and location will be determined after entries close – it will depend upon how many entries we receive.


Other notes:

  • The amounts provided in the grain bill must be used at the levels specified. However – the entrant can determine what VOLUME of beer to brew.
  • Hops are brewers choice (type & amount)
  • Water treatment is acceptable
  • Sugar may be added for CARBONATION only.
  • The special ingredient must be used at the level specified.
  • Any ingredient may be modified by the entrant. Contact the organizer with questions about modification.
  • The entrant may brew and submit more than 1 beer (as long as they are different base styles). In this case – the same yeast MUST be used for all beers related to this entry.
  • Entrants must provide the styles for their beer(s) 2 weeks prior to judging for flight assignments. Information about how to do this will be sent out in March, 2017. The base style should be used for entry – since all beers will have the same special ingredient.  The only beers that should be entered as specialty would be others that would qualify for specialty without the special ingredient.


Cost to enter:

$10 per yeast entered.  BBL members get a $5 discount – contact the organizer for the discount code.  You must maintain your membership in 2017 and be current on dues at the time of the competition for the discount.

  • The registration fee is the same whether you enter 1 beer or multiple beers. However – all beers must use the specified ingredients AND the same yeast you selected.  If you want to select a second yeast – you must have a second entry (and entry fee).  This must still be registered by November 24.


This is an open competition – you do not need to be a BBL member to enter.

Judging Locations and Dates

Iron Brewer Judging Location - TBD, will be available by January, 2017
Friday, April 21, 2017 at 12:00 AM, EDT

Competition Official

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Roxanne Westendorf — Competition Coordinator


Bloatarian Brewing League is proud to have the following sponsors for the Evil Iron Brewer.

Listermann Brewing Company
Listermann Brewing Company
Best of Show Event Sponsor